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The native plant specialists

Offering a generous and interesting range of plants paired with expert advice and years of
experience in garden, nursery, bush regeneration, ecology and all things horticultural! We have rare
and interesting plants, Rainforest plants, East Coast natives, Edibles, Native Edible Plants, feature
plants and aquatic plants suitable for the Sydney climate and soils. Our pallet of plants has many
great regular, year-round great plants as well as seasonal and hard to find plants.

You can enjoy the lovely gardens and wander while choosing some new plants or ask us to help you
find that useful, special of specific plant.

We also offer garden consults, where we can visit and help you select the right plants for your
garden that you want to create or reinvigorate.

Get to Know Us


Michael Dixon

He has worked in ecological restoration and assessment for 20 years. He has extensive experience and is passionate about the role of native plants in the environment.


Kelly Bollinger

With her love of Native Rainforest and Sydney Sandstone plants and habitat gardens, Kelly has a lot of special plant knowledge and growing advice to share. With over 20 years in the horticultural industry, a love of flora and fauna, and a lifelong love of gardening Kelly is keen to help you with your next plant selection, plant advice or just have a chat about the world of plants.

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